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Expect to see erotic artists added here, be they old, new, well-known or obscure.

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(1979 onwards)

Tsubasa logo
The Japanese word for freedom is 'Tsubasa' and also it's the name of an excellent digital artist / photographer from Atlanta, USA. He was given this name by people who recognised his unique sense of spirit and freedom, that he brings to his art.

Binarotica #1 - Tsubasa
Tsubasa has been creating digital art since 1996. His images feature bizarre robotic / synthetic sexy woman or fetishised objects (eg. high heels) in imaginative surroundings. The overall effect is one of pure erotic fantasy that leaves you with an after burn.

Besides the metallised still images that he is known for, he became involved in creating animation shorts, which he described as "an ordeal to create" but love's the reaction they receive. In 2004, his first film 'Dream Human' was awarded Best Animation Short at the Cinekink in New York.

In 2005 Tsubasa published his first book entitled 'Binarotica'. This was a cumulation of his first ten years of creative work. Enjoy the examples shown here.

Tsubasa is very productive and is constantly involved with contributions to magazines, exhibitions and animated shorts. In 2010, he published the book - 'If. Else If.' A collection of Tsubasa's erotic works which included 54 full- color Tsubasa creations. And let's not forgot the DVD, 'Breed' that includes his three short animation films he has produced so far.

Binarotica #2 - Tsubasa Tsubasa image Tsubasa image

So let's have the final word from Tsubasa - “It is more meaningful to me to see how my art is interpretated by others. Ultimately, art lives on more in the minds of others than the artist himself.”

For further information, go to the following web page: Tsubasa.

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Online: Oct 2005 (updated 2017)

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