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Welcome to this space, which is set aside for Guest Artists.

Expect to see erotic artists added here, be they old, new, well-known or obscure.

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Marc Goldstein

Marc Goldstein
Definitiely a man with a mission? I had stumbled upon his excellent home page, which featured the erotic series ‘Red Chair’. He‘d been perfecting and obsessing about this 'work in progress' since 2001 (and unknowingly even earlier). Numerous ladies have fallen for the luxury of this chair, an antique Chenille chair, and Marc has happily recorded them. It's best described, by himself, as "What you see here is just what it is: a celebration of beauty and personality, with a sexy, unapologetic twist". This erotic seat continues to thrive on its captured moments, and now has expanded into a separate website, The Red Chair (2001-2013).


Los Angeles based Marc keeps himself very busy besides the Red Chair project. He‘s involved with music photography, (music / foto blog site) and some fine commercial work. But don‘t just take my word for it, go to his site (see below).

On this page are just a few of the numerous images from the Red Chair series, to delight and entrance the viewer. Be it from the likes of Julie, Michelle, Mariah or Sarah Rose. It‘s a simple idea, and one that works extremely well and perfectly practised - to the point that we should all consider having a red chair somewhere in the studio or maybe, at home.

I hope this little taster, sends you to his web site, which is much more comprehensive and varied, and displays his day to day antics.

Michelle Sara Rose Mariah
For further information, go to the following web page: Marc Goldstein and the Red Chair.

Knowledge is never a waste.

Online: April 2006 (updated 2017)

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