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Welcome to this space, which is set aside for Guest Artists.

Expect to see erotic artists added here, be they old, new, well-known or obscure.

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Ivana Ford

ivana ford 1
Born in California and now living in Los Angeles, Ivana stamps her own identity onto her sensual photographic works.

She's a self taught photographer with 15 years of trial, error and looking at a lot of “pretty pictures”. Originally a techno house photographer, she captured the spontaneity of clubbers and the mix of sexual energy and its atmosphere. For Ivana, this was a perfect training ground. To some, her experimental and non-technical methods may appear unorthodox but for Ivana “it feels right”.

Ivana erotic art follows her inspirations, whether it‘s spontaneous or thematic – such as her project on strip clubs.

ivana ford 2
Her websites have allowed her to have complete control over her work and they have provided her with access to both an ever growing international audience and several prominent publishers.

Ivana‘s women have very strong personalities and physical appearances. Ivana looks for diversification in her models, as there is in real life. Her recent work with female bodybuilders stems from her fascination with body modification. "I enjoy exploring the possibilities of working with muscular women. It's an ongoing process of expanding and redefining femininity”. Her innovative work is changing the genre of women‘s physique photography

Her latest published project ‘Vixen Obscura - El Libro Malo’ is a manifestation of lust and desires, that enables Ivana to expand her series of trashy, candid cinema portraits.

ivana ford 3 ivana ford 4

For further information, go to the following web page: Ivana Ford.

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Online: Sept 2011 (updated 2017)

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