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Welcome to this space, which is set aside for Guest Artists.

Expect to see erotic artists added here, be they old, new, well-known or obscure.

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Luis Durante

(1955 onwards)

book cover of 'Bad Girl&'

After meandering through parts of Europe and studying photography in Paris, he returned to his native Spain. A land that is “lurid, vivid, arid and sordid” . . . and inspirational. His work is a cross breed of photography and painting resulting in powerful images drenched in sensuality and passion. The rich colours have the intensity of a baroque old master. And always Idoia shines throughout.

He has been working, somewhat obsessively for a number of years, with his muse Idoia. She has been his inspiration for an entire range of beautiful images that both delight and astonish. They are poetry for the eye and include images of a highly ‘explicit’ nature deliciously wrapped in eroticism. “With her, I feel able to create all I can imagine. She is an accomplice in my art”. Idoia turns from angel to harlot with the merest of expressions. If only my youthful summers' had been of memories like this! This collaboration resulted in ‘Bad Girl’ being published by the Erotic Print Society (UK) in 2003.

Further Luis Durante publications followed; Private Passion (2006) and Inferno Club (2007). The main focal point of each book is Idoia, as both the photographer and Muse stroll through their erotic fantasies.

Idoia in the field of poppies Idoia with rope Idoia in the early morning sun (2005)

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