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Will Santillo

(1953 Onwards)

Will Santillo

Born in New York, Will Santillo has had a varied photographic career to date. After several years of architectural photography, he decided to dip his toe into erotica as his main area of subject matter, and within a relatively short time, he has produced excellent work based on several personal and intimate projects.

His visual style is born out of old darkroom processes. These provide him with images that are vivid, luscious, passionate and atmospheric, with images that are unhibited without being totally explicit in content. He captures the moment, full of lingering, charged moods and memories which recall tender moments, sometimes taboo, but detailing aspects of human desire. Santillo is able to create delicate yet highly sexual images with ease.

To date he is near to completing the publishing of his three part series entitled 'Risque':

Flagrante Delicto (2008): displays the passion of real life couples engaged in realistic sexual couplings with hot artistic depictions.

La Petite Mort (2011): focus's on the moment of a woman's orgasm. As the French would say, “the little death that suspends time and consumes a woman”. Each female would decide and direct how she masturbated to climax and allowed Santillo to photograph their climatic moment, whether they prefered to use their own hands, a shower head or some type of phallic toy. The project was conceived to include women of all ages and shapes, and Will Santillo wanted to reveal the diversity and creativity in this most private of moments. Santillo enhances their beauty and we are drawn in by their raw unrepentant sexuality. This is more than what the woman next door gets up to and therefore La Petite Mort should not be missed, so check these out (Playboy (Spain) / Maxmen (Portugal)).

Threshold (2013): concerns the varied dimensions of fetish, kink and fantasy. Santillo seeked to expand beyond the limits of heterosexual erotic sensibilities by photographing all ranges of erotic orientation.

Santillo has a legion of well wishers and potential clients waiting to be photographed by him, and has many testimonials to prove it, for example;
Santillo brought out the most erotic side of me
that I have not felt in a long time!
Thank you for a wonderful time.
I will do it again and again and again!
- Lindsay (La Petite Mort)

For further information, go to the following web page: Will Santillo.

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