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Here is a selection of reports from exhibitions that Steve DT was involved with.


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London, October 2013

Steve DT's Xcerts
Temptation's gallery window
The human body is a sensual being, and has been portrayed as such for many years. Artists have continued to be fascinated by the body, the nude and strive to create erotic freedom of expressions, in a multitude of medias and styles. The nude has the power to enhance the sitters presence, and here on show is beauty and moments of it brought to life.

The Guild of Erotic Artists Show ‘Temptation’ had artwork on display to catch the eye and feed the soul. With temptation suffused into the gallery's air; whether naughty (not smutty), (artistic but not hardcore). This exhibition was a glimpse into the world of real figurative art by the Guild. This superb exhibition displayed over 250 pieces of erotic art from Guild members whose work is created in various medias; oils, acrylics, pencils, prints, photography, sculpture and digital art.

Temptation gallery
Steve DT's Xcerts
The exhibition had tasteful, sensual figurative artwork designed to tempt your senses and if the visitor dropped in during their lunch break, it would certainly have provided a welcome respite from the ordinariness of the office world and transported you to tempting world.

The Guild's Press Release for the exhibition lists all the artists involved, amongst the names are notably; Robert Babylon, Paul John Ballard, Louise Brown, Tim Rosier, John Tisbury and Patricia Pastore.

Both open evenings were well attended by both artists and interested parties providing plenty of jolly Friday evening banter.

The photos shown below are of; (left) Colin, the Guild's secretary busy putting the finishing touches together for this show, and (right) another set of erotic paintings ready to be hung.

Colin, Guild Secretary on installation day Guild paintings to hang

This successful exhibition at the Strand may prove to become a regular feature on the Guild's ever growing calendar.

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