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Here is a selection of reports from exhibitions that Steve DT was involved with.


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 Sex Show: penetrating the sex industry

Bath, September 2003

Steve DT and 'Be Mine'
Bath, the city of Jane Austen and the Roman Spa played host to something much more modern and exciting, although be it, the oldest profession. This time it was not to be a walk in a fur coat!

Steve DT and 'Brand New Model'
The Sex Show was a group show inspired by the sex industry, and featured art work from artists and sex workers alike, and was curated by the Gallery’s Director, Carrie Dare.

The exhibition was held at the Lotus Gallery, which proved to be an excellent space for this show. Also part of this exhibition were Doris Kloster and Claire Emelues (both very fantastic [pieces of artwork) . . . And not forgetting the two Steve DT fotos (shown here), from the 'Call Me' Series (no longer online).

Click on 'Press Release' (pdf file), for further details from Carrie Dare. Note: for the record The Lotus Gallery survived for another year before Carrie Dare decided to move on. Obviously Bath wasn't ready for the 21st century just yet. Here's hoping she gets the passion and time again some day.
artwork by Ms Michal O'Hana-Cole foto by Julie Cook

Finally, take note of the Poppy Report ‘Sex in the City’ (as published in 2004) and a news review of it in The Guardian Newspaper. This was an excellent report detailing the current status in London on the Sex Industry; its commercialism, the hardship and the exploitation of those concerned. Somethings have to change . . . but several years on, we're still waiting.

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