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Here is a selection of reports from exhibitions that Steve DT was involved with.


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 Cyberotika 2004

Atlanta, April-June 2004

Steve DT busy at work
Here I took part in the Multimedia event Cyberotika 2004, held at the Dojo Yakko Gallery. Cyberotika brought together a large collection of talented photographers, and I was proud to be part of it. At the head was the inspirational photographers Tsubasa and Laurence Gartel. Take note: Photographers to watch out for; Timothy Dolph (a winner of many erotic awards later, including the 2009 National PBR Art Contest), Carah Kristel and RJ Newton - all truly excellent and masters in their imagery.

foto 3

The gallery was an excellent exhibition and performance space and on the night, there was some 500 people in attendance. The fetish fashion show was introduced by the delicious and sexy Persephone, and included the wonderful erotic designs from the extremely fabulous House of Harlot.

foto 1

Steve DT was here to exhibit the Fetichegrams series, and this was the first major (and international) showing. The images made up Series 2 of this ongoing artwork. Technically, Series 2 had been processed very differently to the original series.

The final photos (described as 'surreal abstract images of sex toys in imaginary surroundings') provided a lot of interest from the crowd throughout the night. They were very much intrigued by these images, which led to many discussions ranging from their abstract values to guessing what toy was used to create the image. I had enormous fun discussing these works with the viewers. Truly a great night.

After the exhibition, all the artwork was re-hung at the Luckie Street Collective Gallery in Atlanta, where the show continued for the next month.

For further information and imagery from Series 1 and 2, go to the Fetichegrams gallery section of

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