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Here is a selection of reports from exhibitions that Steve DT was involved with.


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 Sensual Seduction

London, June-July 2006

The Guild of Erotic Artists’ first independant show in London was like the gathering of the clans; painters, illustrators, sculptures, jewellers and photographers - all strongly represented here at La Viande. It was a cornucopia of nude and fetish imagery on view.

display 2

On a balmy summer evening, the Private View overflowed out of the venue and on to the adjacent street. And the air was alive with music thanks to the cabaret provided by two operatic singers. Whilst inside the gallery, if you stood still long enough, someone would've made a body cast of you. Art as performance.

Besides the preview night’s party atmosphere, the interest and spectator numbers continued to grow throughout the week. Even though the exhibition clashed with a few important World Cup Finals fixtures (well, If I've told FIFA about the match times once, then I've told them a thousand times!!), anyway, images did continue to fly off the walls and into the arms of several new owners.

This was Steve DT’s second outing for the 'Nude Laid Bare' Series (the first time being in Brighton), and was pleased to be able to bring the exhibition to London. There was a good response by all who attended.

There's nothing better than getting a party of people together with erotica at its heart. I wonder what the collective noun for a group of eroticists could be? Any takers?

display 1 La Viande gallery window

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