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Here is a selection of reports from exhibitions that Steve DT was involved with.


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 Fetichegrams 3: it's personal

London, October 2006

Fetichegrams at the Skin Two Expo

A new exhibition by Steve DT in London, this time at the Skin Two Expo 2006, the fetish event/weekend of the year in the UK, and as part of the Guild of Erotic Artists presence. Each year the Guild's activities attract more and more attention, and this year was to be no exception, as they took over a large area of the top floor. This was Steve DT's first exhibition at the Skin Two Expo, and also it was the third outing for the Fetichegrams series. For this show, several new images had been created for this updated version of the series, Fetichegrams 3: it's personal.

'Latextra advert
The Skin Two Expo had a very busy weekend with the visitors arriving in waves. My rallying call for the weekend was to be "Not one model was harmed in the production of the Fetichegrams". And a few visitors did remark that this was a shame (possibly after they had identified suitable toys, like a paddle), however, that was all part of the fun of it.

The Fetichegrams drew a fair amount of interest and in parts, praise from some of the visitors. Some of the visitors were curious about the fetish fotos, and it was a joy to discuss the Fetichegrams. The fotos were an aid memoir of certain past toy activities and possibly provided inspiration for later deviant moments.Many of them discussed which image spoke to them the most, and this probably said more about themselves in the process. "What's your fetish?" It was good to see such a diverse choice from all who were interested.

Also for the weekend, I'd produced a few hundred free badges to give away. It featured the main image, which is fast resembling a 'coat of arms' [see the advert above right]), and this went down very well with everyone. The badges soon disappeared.

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