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Here is a selection of reports from exhibitions that Steve DT was involved with.


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Leeds, July 2006

'Lucy' on the wall
With a glorious month of sunshine in Leeds - what better way is there to enjoy it than being in the shade, and viewing the latest group exhibition offering from Total Image Nation's diverse collective (TIN became defunkt in 2013). The venue/location was the Leeds Design Innovation Centre's foyer. The building was situated next to the canal and near to . . . well, everything central!

Fusion: The process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity. This amply described the diverse melting pot of artists that is TIN, and was a good focal point for this exhibition.

some of the layout
The show was curated by Becca Johnson and ably assisted throughout by Karen Harvey. Praise should be offered, but I suspect that fermented grapes from an oak barrel would be a more preferable offering.

within the
My contribution to this exhibition was the female nude 'Lucy' (shown top left), a delighful foto. Strangely enough, it was a busy month for 'Lucy', as she was also in a London venue at the same time (La Viande). However, Lucy's strong enough to take it. And whenever or wherever Lucy appears heads do turn, possible desires unlocked and smiles that broaden. For me, she's a very captivating lady. One that I could look at all day and dream of all night.

The Shutter Hub (formerly TIN) review of the event, as the show continued to attract public interest throughout its run, for example - when I was there on the second Friday, we ran into other casual viewers. And in the comments book, I noted that there had been numerous favourable scribblings for many within the exhibition.

promo card promo card

For me, 'Fusion' was a very enjoyable show.

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