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Steve DT - Jade 138 (cover foto by Steve DT)
Steve DT - Jade 118 (cover foto by Steve DT)
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Steve DT 'Day Dreams', Freed book
Steve DT - Jade 72 (cover foto by Steve DT)
Steve DT - Jade 43 (featured artist)[not cover pic])
Steve DT - jade 36 (featured artist)[not cover pic])
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2020 ... in motion 2018:
  • Contributed to Jade magazine Nº.160 (Mar) - numerous images for the ‘Swan Song Edition’.
  • Featured in Jade Nº.141 (Aug), a ‘15 page’ article and
    achieved the Image of the Month
  • Jade cover foto Nº.138 (May) [shown left]
  • Featured in Jade Nº.136 (Mar), a ‘10 page’ article (Sample).
2015: 2014: 2013: 2012:
  • Four Dollar Pearl ebook series continues; Nº. 3 (Nov): Tender is the Night and
    Nº. 4 (Dec): Xcerts
  • Contributed to the Freedbook - with the photo ‘Day Dreams’ (shown left).
2010: 2009:
  • Contributed to The Erotic Review Nº.96 (2009) - 'With Candles' (taken from the
    project 'Titillate')
  • Photographer of the Year Prize 2009 book. Contributor to the second erotic competition from the Erotic Print Society, [Steve DT photos on pages 70 - 71].
  • First photo-book from Steve DT - Personals: desires in print. Published by and available from
  • Featured in Jade Nº.43 (Jun), and contributed to Nº.44 (Jul)
  • Guild of Erotic Artists Vol. 2 published. Steve DT contributes erotic fotos from several of his gallery themed spaces. This book is an erotic collection from artists; photographers, painters, sculpters and models
  • Photographer of the Year Prize 2008 book. Contributor to the first erotic competition from EPS. [Steve DT photo on page 116].
2007: 2006:
  • Contributed to Jade Nºs 31 (Aug) and 32 (Oct)
  • Featured on Duclerck,(former erotic art e-journal), with the 50th anniversary issue with the project ‘In-Parties’
  • Stills Photographer for Female Fantasies, adult film by the Strawberry Seductress, Petra Joy.
  • Featured in Contour magazine [USA] Nº.1
  • Contributed to Marquis magazine Nº.35.
2003 (and earlier - Music Photography): 1999: Featured article by, (former e-journal), on Early Def Leppard.

1991: A major contributor to Mick Mercer's book ‘Gothic Rock: All you ever wanted to know . . . but were too gormless to ask’ (see sample pages). Including the sleeve photography (notably of ‘Andi Sex Gang’) for the accompanying Double album.

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